Friday, January 28, 2011

River Waits Patiently

This is a very brief update, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew that I'm still diligently working on the project.

Over the past two weeks, I've had to back off the project and take care of personal matters; however, I've had the time to dive back in the past couple days.

While it's not complete yet, I have replicated most of River's functionality again -- only this time with a simple GUI and in the Qt framework (gibberish to most people I know, sorry about that).

In short, River can once again control Pandora, Google Chrome, my computer's Sound, and she can look up information on IMDB.

I have spent much of the day today waiting patiently for two things. In order to have River access Twitter again, I have to get special permission from Twitter... which takes a little while to get (ironic, since the whole point of Twitter is to quickly communicate).

The second thing I'm waiting on is more technical -- in order to access Facebook (and Twitter), I have to add in support for "https" webpages -- secure webpages. This requires OpenSSL; which in short, means I have to "rebuild" the Qt Framework, which takes about 4 hours to complete. As soon as that finishes, I'll continue to integrate Facebook; and then I'll continue with Twitter once they get back to me.

I'll update more once I'm caught up past the point where I was before I "started over" using Qt.

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