Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project River Tutorials Index

I realized a few moments ago that one of the tasks I'm spending the most time on is simply finding tutorials and documentation on the various features and APIs that I'm wanting to use in C++.

In order to help other's in similar quests, and to provide a lasting resource for me to revisit, I'm going to use this post as an ongoing record of the best tutorials I've found for a wide variety of C++ topics. The list will likely be short at first, but I"ll add to it every time I find a new one that I recommend.

Microsoft Speech API 5.4
Speech API Overview (SAPI 5.4) - This provides an excellent overview of the SAPI 5.4 API. Definitely a great place to start if you're just jumping into SAPI.

Text-to-Speech Tutorial (SAPI 5.4) - The absolute best "Hello World" tutorial out there for SAPI in C++. I wish I would have found this several days ago when I was trying to learn! This is an official Microsoft tutorial.

Sending Key Presses in C++
SendKeys in C++ - This is more of a resource / C++ class wrapper, but it explains how to use it as well. Doing keypresses in C++ without this is a nightmare. Many thanks to the creator of this (Elias Bachaalany). Without this I would have been lost in the dark.

Connecting to SQL Server 2008 from C++ (using ODBC)
Tidy Tutorials - This tutorial is fantastic. Should tell you everything you need to know. One addition to this: make sure your Visual Studio project is set to Multi-Byte. If it's set to Unicode you'll have all kinds of errors. Took me forever to figure that out.

Chatbot Programming in C++
Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Tutorial - While I didn't use this tutorial as my code base for my Chatbot, it is a fantastic introduction to how Chatbots work and it really builds your understanding well.

Qt for Visual Studio 2010
Installing QT 4.7.x for VS2010 - It doesn't look like I'll end up using Qt just yet (using libcurl instead to accomplish what I need), this is by far the only decent tutorial for the advanced methods needed to get Qt to work with Visual Studio 2010. (HEADS UP: The "nmake" command took about 90 minutes to complete  on my 64bit 2.8GHZ Dual Core machine w/ 4GB RAM)

libcURL for Visual Studio 2010
Using libcurl with SSH support in Visual Studio 2008 - I spent HOURS trying to figure out how to get libcURL to play nice with Windows. Ironically in the end, I found the tutorial via a link off of the curl website. That'll teach me to trust Google over the actual webpage.

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