Saturday, January 8, 2011

Paddling Upstream: Project River Update

Status Update:
River can now help control both Pandora radio and the Google Chrome internet browser. It's very jury-rigged and while it works, it's quickly taught me about the areas where I need to focus. River can also connect to a SQL database and easily make use of the C++ regular expression engine.

Immediate Areas of Improvement:
Voice Recognition is the most obvious part of River that needs improvement. While she recognizes what I say with about 75% accuracy so far (which I'm happy with), the current implementation prevents me from using a whole slew of keywords. For the Google Chrome integration I wanted to be able to say "New Tab", and have a new tab open. But the way I'm using it right now, Windows has the "tab" keyword reserved for the Tab keyboard button, so it doesn't work. I believe there's a way around this, and that's my #1 focus.

Interacting with other application also needs to improve. I'm currently just sending keystrokes, which is fine and probably what I'll have to do for most applications, but I need to figure out how to specifically send keystrokes to specific applications, rather than having to switch to them all the time.

Chatbot Updates:
I'm going to start experimenting with the Rebecca AIML engine, as I believe it'll be a great launching point for me.

Most Recent Idea:
This "" message thing going around on Facebook just gave me an idea. While the thing is far from being 100% accurate, it would be a great tool for my Project River AI to use to learn about people. When someone new comes over, the AI could do facial recognition, ask their name, and ask where they live. Then she'd be able to find them on Spokeo, and quickly be able to ask them about their family members and hobbies.

New Resources I've Found and Intend on Using:

1) Home Automation: Z-Wave protocol and Vera 2:
2) Home Automation: Arduino:
3) Chatbot: Rebecca AIML:
4) Chatbot: WordNet: and
5) Pandora Control: Pianobar:

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