Thursday, September 16, 2010

LOST: Worst. Finale. Ever.

Dear Lost Writers...

Seroiusly? That was one of the WORST finales ever. You took the Seinfeld route and just had a massive clip show. You left SO many questions unanswered, and it didn't even make sense. An alternate universe created by them just so they can meet eachother and prepare to enter the real afterlife (because the alternate universe was just the fake afterlife). Massive #FAIL.

What about Sun's baby? What about Claire's baby? What about Walt? Did the plane make it back? It didn't have enough fuel to make it much of anywhere.

Who built the statues on the island? What was the real purpose of the island? How did it come into existence -- sure we know about Jacob & his mom, but who was before them? Where did the original protectors come from?

Why did Ben wait outside? Was he waiting for his "daughter"? Was she ever going to come?

How long did Hugo protect the island for? Was the smoke monster really dead for real? We're supposed to believe that? That's like believing that Jack Bauer ever really dies.

Why didn't we ever get to see Echo or Anna Lucia in the finale? Or Ethan?

What about all the dead people stuck on the island? Were they set free? Or were they still trapped on that place? If they were stuck there, why didn't Jack or anyone else get stuck there?

Would the world really have ended if the black smoke monster had escaped? What was the light in the middle of the island really all about anyhow?

How did the Darhma Initiative even learn about the island? I know they built the massive swinging pendulum thing to find it, but how did they know about it anyhow?

Did Faraday end up with Charlotte?

Was Walt really psychic? What did he grow up to be?

Did Kate & Sawyer make a life for themselves while they were still living?

In summary... a Finale is supposed to bring some closure, or give you some hints on where things were going to go. Such as the Scrubs season finale last season. That was a great finale -- too bad they didn't end it there. Or the Alias series finale JJ. It wasn't perfect, but it was better than this.

JJ, if you're going to ruin shows with endings like this, why should I continue to watch Fringe?

Thanks for nothing. JJ Abrams, I'm sorry, but you'll never step out of Joss Whedon's shadow. He knows how to end his series (when he's given a chance).

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